TENSHI (Angel) Catholic Kindergarten
ADDRESS       Ichiba Minami 2-69 Izumisano 598-0004 Osaka 
TEL            072-462-1188
MAIL           tenshi★ 
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CHAIRMAN       Manni Pier Giorgio 
DIRECTOR       Manni Pier Giorgio 

Educational Aim
Tenshi Kindergarten regards as highly important what we can call a Christian “education of heart” it is to say, learning to love and respect whatever is true, just and beautiful.

Infancy is known as a period that lays the foundation of personality. We think that in this period we should try our best to implant in children’s heart an inner sense of human warmness, justice and beauty.

Trough the educational environment, we aim at making children not only apt to social life and equipped with the basic skill to reach happiness, but also at leading them to acquire the attitude of someone who will contribute to the formation of an international society in peaceful co-existence.
In order to lay the base of character formation, we do the following efforts in the hope of bringing up children who, while preserving the beautiful and pure heart typical of early childhood, develop their own peculiar capacities and came to posses the strength to not subside to temptations coming from the surroundings.
We aim at
1. Raising the basic habits in order to foster a healthy mind and a healthy body so they can live a healthy, safe, happy life.

2. Letting them learn a life-stile marked with reciprocal help, love and respect, as beloved children of God,

3. Getting them to understand that nature is a present from God.. To thank Him, to be moved, to be concerned and interested toward everyday happenings.

4. Cultivating an attitude of listening to others’voices, of sharing joy and sadness, and a feeling of God Grace in everyday life.

5. Nurturing, through various experiences and activities, a rich sensibility and the joy of being creative and capable of self-expression.